Jim Coughlin really likes all of the following people and their websites: Professor David Coughlin, Mark Coughlin & The Rupert's Orchestra, Christine Blackburn, Karma Coffeehouse, Hal Sparks, Candygram For Mongo, The Artwork of Chris Bonno, Uncle Bill's Tizwhiz Horsefeed, Lon Johnson, Metzenbeamer, IOWEST (formerly ImprovOlympic West), UCB Theatre, Shecky Magazine, Chuckle Monkey, The Broadway Comedy Club, The Onion, ClarkandMichael, SuperDeluxe.com,
The video I have on other pages can be found on youtube and a few other sites: youtube.com piefightfilms.com ifilm.com johnvarga.com effinfunny.com lastdonut.com google video