Jim Coughlin can be seen in the following projects... Lon Johnson: A Man & His Dream is the story of an adult film actor's attempt to bring serious acting back to the profession. Here's the NOT 'WORK SAFE' SO BE WARNEDTEASER TRAILER and A DELETED SCENE.
Here is the trailer for The Human BEEing, an award-winning 45-minute short film, accepted into over 25 film festivals from Sonoma to Sweden. Jim stars at Dr. Metzenbeamer, a possibly mad scientist who has perfected the worker of the future, a man-sized bee.
Here are some complete short films you can watch: Jim stars as Lloyd Springer in The Pie Fight Films' shorts Gotta Have Them Socks and The Closer. He wrote and stars in K.R.O.D.
And Jim wrote and plays a part in The Man Who Cried Tuberculosis Here is the trailer for H.A.U.L., a division of the LAPD that specializes in Hoisting And Urgent Lifting, Jim co-stars as their computer expert, Ratchet.
He has a part as Apple Man in Food Code, the only short brave enough to parody the obscure Time Code. He plays a friend of the greatest English writer of all time in Shakespeare: True Hollywood Story and he has a part as another executive in YouTube Squiggle Launch by Last Call Cleveland, proving Tim Conway isn't the only thing funny from Ohio.

Here is the second short film Jim has made that involves the adult film industry. Viewer Caution is Advised and NOT WORK SAFE but hilarious for those not easily offended. Face Doubles. He has a part as a Canadian in another absurd Pie Fight Short called Mein AngusAlso NOT WORK SAFE, although fairly tame. Jim has a part at the beginning of episode four of Sourced Out, the online series by the fabulous Rasika Mathur (here's the 4 episodes in order 1, 2, 3, 4)
COMING SOON: The full Lon Johnson may be up online in a few months. The full H.A.U.L. will be up soon. In six months, Salvation Extermination, in which he stars as a bug exterminator who kills pests while trying to save his clients. And Jim has a bit part as a tv executive in an episode of the upcoming online series Clarke and Michael And Jim might edit his squirrel project this century!
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