Jim Coughlin likes words. Words are his friends. When asked to answer Bernard Pivot's question about his least favorite word or phrase, he would answer "James Lipton." The Human BEEing, which he co-wrote with Tony Shea, Colin Plank and Andy Abramowicz, was accepted into over 25 film festivals. The film was given 4 1/2 stars out of 5 by Film Threat and won many awards, including Best B-Movie Short at the B-Movie Film Festival. You can also watch K.R.O.D. and The Man Who Cried Tuberculosis which he wrote and were made for a monthly film fest. The suggestions he had to work with were "dork" and "tuberculosis". He writes all his own standup, as do most standups who are not hosting the Oscars. He helped write one unaired VH1 pilot which starred and was created by Hal Sparks. And he wrote this website.
The Nike Slogan "Just Do It". He wrote that too. Although his version was "Just Do It To It", which was edited for length.