Jim Coughlin is a comedian, actor and writer based in Los Angeles. He was born in Ohio, but has fought hard to overcome this handicap. Raised in St. Louis by a loving family that lived next door to his family, he quickly realized he would need to learn a trade to further his existence. Thankfully he was a quick study and found counterfeiting to be a rewarding profession. While the money was good, it was always more about the people. Then he entered a new phase of life and learned a new trade but found a limited market for his license plate making skills. Later he tried his hand at alligator feeding. Prone to the occasional black out, he found tight rope walking was not ideal. That's when he shifted attention to standup comedy, which he enjoys but his feet are killing him. He acts, improvises and performs standup wherever people will let him and sometimes where they won't. He prefers captive audiences and finds prison shows are more socially acceptable than kidnapping people.[Seriously, this page has achieved what it set out to do in life. Feel free to click on all the wonderful words to the left, or keep reading.]
What else? Having been bitten twice, he is four times shy. Jim enjoys long walks on short piers and swimming in the ocean. He has never clubbed a baby seal, but has gone clubbing with Seal. Jim likes energy bars as they're lighter than batteries. Never one to mince words nor diagram sentences, he likes to get straight to the point, unlike certain magic bullets fired from a certain book depository. Actually, he thinks Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone but that Jack Ruby was not the main shooter. Jim is right-handed and is always excited to meet other right-handed people. Jim is the youngest of five children. Having grown up with three older brothers, seeing the photos of Abu-Ghraib, Jim could only say 'tell me about it'. What else should you know about him? Jim is a published scientist. It had something to do with water fleas. He also wrote a BASIC program that solves for the volumes of railroad tank cars. It's actually quite good and is still used 19 years later. When other kids were rushing off to see their first rock concert, Jim was seeing Bob Hope & Victor Borga live. He fondly remembers taping Jack Carney's Comedy Show on KMOX Radio. When others were listening to Madonna, he was listening to Mae West. The only poster he ever taped to his wall was of W.C. Fields.